Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Is Global Warming Natural?

On the long term temperature graphs, the Milankovitch Cycles precede the global temperature changes and the CO2 levels follow. However, when vast amounts of CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere by huge basaltic flows (Flood Basalts) like those that created  the Siberian Traps and the Deccan Traps, then CO2 leads the temperature increase no matter what is in progress with the Milankovitch Cycles. In our current situation, it is the unsequestration of tremendous volumes of carbon by the burning of fossil fuels that is causing the global temperature increases. This is being compounded by the additional release of land based methane and oceanic methane clathrate due to our warming biosphere. 

We can only say that contemporary global warming is ‘natural’ if we ignore our role — otherwise we’d have to take responsibility and make things right (never mind that the biodiversity of all life on Earth is at stake). In short, we make lousy stewards of God’s Creation. It’s no wonder that He may need to kick our sorry asses to the curb. 

Comeasurement of Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide