Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ascended Master Kuthumi: Heart of the Silence

"Every lifestream on the Path, sooner or later, comes to a certain point where he begins to turn to the 'still small voice' within the heart. At first, the individual begins to rely on intuition, then on inspiration, and, later still, upon that conscious contact which precedes self-conscious mastery, the attainment of which constitutes his Divine Freedom from all human concepts and all human form.
"This is the most difficult point upon the spiritual path and I ask that when you come to the place where you enter into the Heart of the Silence - where you commune with your own God Self - that you be extremely wise, alert and careful of the response that you will receive first of all from your own bodies because you are a complex mechanism, a sevenfold being. Now, whereas the Glory of your Electronic Body, your Causal Body and your Holy Christ Self can never lead you astray - your lower bodies have voices, this consciousness and this intelligence of their own, and these voices, this consciousness and this intelligence within them, endeavors often to serve its own selfish ends, through you.
"One of the chief requirements for Spiritual Mastery is Discrimination. Call to Me, if you wish, to My beloved Lord Maitreya, or to the great Lord Buddha for that Discrimination wherein you may recognize the Voice of the Silence. Know, always, that the prompting which builds up the personality, that which gives aggrandizement to the human ego, is not the 'still small Voice' of the Presence, but rather the etheric rumblings of your own past experiences, the emotional desires of your feeling word, or mental concepts and precepts from your past lives.
"Remember, you have sat in the past before many teachers, who have given forth both Truth and fallacy, and into your mental and emotional bodies and your etheric consciousness are builded those concepts, some of them solidified and petrified and lying dormant within them for centuries. As the Flame (Violet Fire) begins to surge through you, these concepts are revivified and come forth, and you must recognize them for what they are - not necessarily the Voice of Truth!

Violet Fire


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