Sunday, May 17, 2015

Crustal Hydration & The Great Plains

During the time of the dinosaurs, the area that encompasses the Great Plains was a huge inland sea. Obviously plate tectonics played a role in uplifting this vast area; but, "geologists have long been puzzled by how the High Plains could be so big, so high and so smooth. The plains descend gently from roughly 6,000 feet to 2,000 feet above sea level as they stretch for thousands of square miles, from the Texas Panhandle to southern Montana, and from western Kansas to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.
"It's well-established that much of the West was still at sea level 70 million years ago and that tectonic shifts don't fully explain the High Plains' altitude."

Related Topic:
Water Activates Faults?: A Japanese geophysicist has shown that when Serpentine is put under the same pressures and temperatures as is found at 400 miles depth in the Earth’s lithosphere, water oozes out. This supports the theory that as ‘waterlogged’ serpentine is subducted earthquake/volcanic activity is increased as water is freed. [ Note that serpentine contains 13% water by weight. This information has important implications for people living in the Pacific Northwest where the Juan de Fuca Plate is being subducted.] Discover Magazine

Karma: There Is Justice In The Universe

When you see someone run a red light or observe a cruel act, you are witnessing proof that the perpetrators do NOT fully believe that they have a soul. Believing that you have a soul means that you know that wrongful acts are “marks” against you both in this life and the "life after". This directly implies that there is “justice in the universe”. This is called the Absolute Law of Cause and Effect a.k.a. “karma”. You cannot escape it. You are both ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ in a perpetual evolutionary learning cycle. [The metaphysical manifests in the physical.]
When a tobacco corporate executive pumps extra nicotine and additives into cigarettes that teens prefer, he is commiting a soulless act. When an elected leader betrays his oath of office, he damages his soul as well. When a student bullies another student, he sets into motion energetic forces that will come back to ‘bite him’. When a thief remains undetected, consequences can only ‘collect interest’.

Karma operates on the group level as well. Whether it’s a family or a nation, wrongful thoughts and deeds come back to haunt their owners. German soldiers operating the ovens in death camps might escape human justice, but universal justice is inevitable. Tobacco company employees share varying degrees of responsibility, just as members of gangs and lynch mobs share karma….through their shared “consciousness”.