Thursday, March 28, 2019

Australien Satire: TheJuiceMedia

“ increasingly popular way of sharing the ‘honest truth' about political events is through satirical videos, something that The Juice Media does brilliantly. They bring attention to the ridiculousness of political and worldwide events, not only by making people laugh but by being blunt about what is going on and how people are being taken advantage of...”

The Juice Media:

It has created a series of videos entitled “Honest Government Ads”. 
Here’s a few. For more, just click on the channel icon “thejuicemedia” when the YouTube video downloads:

Visit Timor-Leste (3 minutes):

My Police State (2 minutes):

Honest Government Ad | Climate Breakdown (2 minutes):

P.S.- Another satirical channel is “China Uncensored”. Here’s one to get you started-
“Why Companies Are Leaving China”: