Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nix Plastic Bag Ban

In Austin, whether or not to recycle your plastic bags is "still" a personal choice. However, throwing them into the street or the blue recycle bin is not. Plastic bags are to be either collected separately and deposited in the collection bin at the grocery stores' front door, or else, they go into the gray trash bin. I choose to stuff "nonrigid plastics" that are not accepted in my blue bin into an attractive 2-gallon round plastic bucket with a loose fitting lid and plastic grocery bag as a liner that can be easily knotted and lifted out on my way of my kitchen to the grocery store. If Leffingwell's ban is enacted, stores will no longer collect soft plastics and I'll be forced to send them to the landfill instead of supporting the industries that use post-consumer resin. And I'll be expressing my displeasure at the next local election. Consumer education is preferable.