Saturday, December 2, 2017

National Debt: The Becoming of the Late, Great USA

The ‘becoming’ of the late great United States of America is foretold when one looks at the huge and expanding national debt. Its primal cause is twofold. First, we have two political parties —each eager to overspend in order to satisfy their core party members. Then, we have the attitude of many of the American people who run up burdensome personal debts by living beyond their means (not counting those driven into bankruptcy by medical tragedies).

Though this is an issue that could be described in great detail, let’s instead look at something we share with the late, great Soviet Union. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan at a time when they were already going bankrupt trying to keep up with the USA in an arms race, and they failed. The USA (Bush) invaded Afghanistan-Iraq and began pushing us into bankruptcy. We (Obama) then tried to catch up with the level of social spending exhibited by the Europeans and brought us to the edge of bankruptcy. Then we elected a ‘business magnate’ already practiced in the art of bankruptcy.

And now, in the age of ‘privatization’ that further enriches the interests of the already obscenely wealthy, both Russian oligarchs and American ‘fat cats’ dominate (represented by Putin and Trump). The passing of the Trump tax plan is a further manifestation of this.

The next and final stage of America’s demise will be when the backlash against ‘Trump’ism pushes us into electing the likes of a Bernie Sanders. Watching the antics of our political partisanship is like watching a drunken sailor: