Monday, November 21, 2016

Global Warming Inaction: Unawareness and Fear

Only someone who is completely unaware of overall global climatic conditions can believe that ‘climate change’ is not real, and thinking that the ‘rate of change’ in the global conditions is natural indicates a lack of knowledge that is unfortunate. For some, this is a simple lack of knowledge, while for others, it’s an act of willful ignorance engendered by fear. Now that’s something I can understand, for global warming IS frightening!

Meanwhile, the antithesis of fear is hope and compassion. If we succumb to despair, then darkness prevails. It is well within us to develop the ways and means to replace fossil fuels with renewable and sustainable resources, as well as implement carbon re-sequestration (e.g., biochar on a commercial scale) and to, also, improve agricultural practices. Simultaneously, we can advance the technology associated with non-petroleum based products and minimize all forms of current pollution at all levels. The way to move is forward, and with post haste. We’ve been sitting on our thumbs far too long. 
For the naysayers, I say:
If you’re not going to help, then simply step aside and let the rest of us proceed with the work that desperately needs to be done. Even if all carbon emissions totally stopped tomorrow, the oceans would continue to rise and methane released from melting permafrost. At this point in time, changes to the planet will continue no matter what we say or do; however, to continue to delay will put future generations in even greater danger.

"There is Justice in the Universe"