Thursday, December 14, 2017

ISIS, NYC Harbor Attack and Religious Fundamentalism

As I read about the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, I’m reminded about the danger of ISIS members returning to the countries from which they came being a danger as they continue their terrorist activities. One such place that comes to mind is New York City. And especially NYC harbor — since the security around airports, bridges and such is greatly heightened. Though I’m sure that great measures have also been taken to secure the harbor, it seems logical that ISIS would desire a propaganda victory by creating a most dramatic scene of smoke and despair in sight of the Statue of Liberty. After all, if one wants to generate the greatest amount of hate, then besmirching America’s greatest iconic landscape of greatness will catapult us into a frenzy that will hasten dramatic actions (given the current national drama)— just the thing that Christian fundamentalists crave, because they believe that there cannot be a Second Coming without an Apocalypse — and our nation’s leader is their hero. [Do I see a self fulfilling prophecy in the making as the fundamentalistic beliefs of the three Abrahamic religions create unbreachable rationalistic defenses for their certifiably insane ideological conflicts (of which Jerusalem is a flash point).


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