Sunday, February 10, 2019

Patience Is A Virtue

"The cultivating by you of more and more Patience (not only with one's self but with others of evolving life), as well as endeavoring constantly to have an understanding heart and be a comfort to all life, will make you both gracious and graceful in your expressions of daily living. Then will you be most willing consciously to call for the Violet Fire to transmute the causes and cores of all mistakes of yourself and others. This merciful Violet Fire sets all free from the pressures of energy qualified with criticism, condemnation and judgment, which energies, otherwise, may continue to build around them until, many times, that pressure alone may compel a repetition of the same mistakes. After all, none of the unascended are yet perfected, and true introspection of self — together with the use of the Violet Fire — will remove the habit of 'judging according to appearances'”.....

Violet Fire:

Decree (repeat at least 3 times minimum)-
Short version:
"I AM a Being of Violet Fire
I AM the Purity God Desires."
Long version:

Extensive supplemental reading: