Monday, September 10, 2018

Why To Not Believe In Global Warming (in one very brief, easy to memorize statement)

The science may be convincing, but there’s a good reason not to believe in global warming. Which is, if we were really convinced it was real, then we’d actually have to do something about it. Wouldn’t we?!

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Global Warming vs Climate Change

The use of the term ‘climate change’ as a substitute for ‘global warming’ is a cop out. It implies that the current warming of Earth is an act of God and not of mankind.

It is a term used to avoid setting off overly fearful reactions in the very people who need to change their ways if we are to decrease our rate of carbon emissions.

To use this term instead of global warming is a denial of our responsibility. In short, it’s an act of cowardice.

Everybody knows that the climate is changing. The ongoing melting of ice, permafrost and methane hydrate is visual proof of a warming biosphere. 

Climate change is an umbrella term that includes a host of climatic changes of which warming is only one. When carbon dioxide levels plunged and Earth froze over, that was climate change, too.

Wishful Thinking and the Desecration of God’s Green Earth

If somehow global temperatures magically did not increase and remained as they are today, ice sheets and permafrost would still continue to melt onward for centuries. Thus, the release of methane caused by decomposition of ancient vegetative matter freed by permafrost melt would also continue on. This means that greenhouse gas levels would still continue to increase at an undetermined rate even if all carbon emissions went to zero. And this doesn’t even factor in the release of methane from the liquefying of oceanic methane hydrate. The release of so much methane could trigger an increased greenhouse response.
This means that a decrease in the current levels of CO2 in the biosphere is necessary to achieve a status quo.

Any belief that carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other gases released by our Industrial Age activities are not greenhouse gases is the result of wishful thinking.

This said, I would liked to have been able to leave these wishful thinkers in their bubble of naïveté, but they are needed. They are needed to help save the world from a fiery death — an ending brought on by the ponderous progression of temperature increases that are already “beginning” to make themselves known. Temperature increases brought on by our own human activities.

Failure to act upon this is the unnecessary giving up on both our progeny and all life on Earth. Failure to act is blasphemy — a desecration of God’s green Earth.