Friday, December 16, 2016

Amway Products In House No More

My family has been using Amway (short for American Way) products for forty years. They're great products. But, thanks to the same digital media that has fueled partisanship, I became aware of the religious right influence in Amway's ownership when I learned of Betsy DeVos' appointment as cabinet secretary for education. She is a strong proponent of school vouchers for religious purposes. This is an age old debate that decided long ago. If you want your kids to go to separate private schools, then you pay for the privilege. You don't get to steal money from the public coffers to fund your separatism.

Long story short: We called the Amway Customer Service and canceled out on them. When they very politely asked why, we simply informed them that we didn't want our dollars helping to fund Amway's pro-voucher stance. 

Dang! What other All American products and such will fall by the wayside. And this, after my always looking for the Made in the USA labels and marketing.