Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Make America Great Again?!

Somehow I received a fund raising letter from the Republicans in Melania Trump’s name. In its opening, it refers to ‘Donald’ putting his hand on the Bible. From there the letter proceeds to laude Trump’s efforts to make America great again, etcetera. It was embarrassing to read such pandering. Worse, I can easily see how it would be appealing to those who want to believe what it said about Trump. What I sense is that a personality cult mentality is building up around ‘Donald’.

With this in mind, I googled ‘Trump cult mentality’. One article from September 2016 explains it best, “The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support”:

In this article, it described very well the ambiance of the Republican fund raising letter using Melania’s name. Indeed, the faulty premise that America is no longer great is what is being capitalized upon. Contrarily, I propose that one sign of America’s continuing greatness as a Democratic Republic is our ability to sustain the nonsense from both the radical right and the radical left and still move forward towards the Light. 

“The Light of God Never Fails”