Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Chinese Communist Party Now Regulates Reincarnation

“The Chinese government has issued a ban on reincarnation! Tibetan monks are forbidden from reincarnating without government permission. Interesting choice considering the Chinese Communist Party is officially atheist. Of course, the real reason behind it is so that when the Dalai Lama passes away, the Chinese regime will be able to ‘choose’  their own Dalai Lama to further lead Tibet and the Tibetan people into subjugation.”

8 minute video from “China Uncensored”:

Wikipedia article:

My Comment: I suppose the CCP, also, denies the Absolute Law of Cause and Effect aka Karma, also?! Dogmatic denial of the Spiritual Source of all life has karmic repercussions that the atheistic CCP shall each personally experience in their own successive reincarnations.

Note: Blessed be the Tibetan monks as they continue to re-embody into Chinese society.