Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Greco-Persian War Leads to Ultimate Greek Triumph

Historical overview:

I. First Persian Invasion:
Judgement Day at Marathon (45:00)

Marathon Battle (21:53)
History Channel: Decisive Battles

Marathon short version (10:37)


History lesson of events leading up to Battle of Marathon / note that written history of this event is weak, and so different historians take different stances (24:00):

II. Second Persian Invasion Battle of Thermopolye (1:30:00)--

History lesson-
Battle of Thermopolye & Sea Battle of Artemisium (26:00)


III. Sea Battle of Salamis(35:30)

History lesson-

Note: This is part of a complete series of 38 videos about Greek history (including the other Greco-Persian battles).

IV. Battle of Plataea (9:44)

History lesson-
Battle of Plataea (16:27)

V. Battle of Mycale (12:42)
Google 'Battle of Mycale' for further info.
The history lesson series continues and leads up to the unification of Greece by Macedonian monarch Phillip II and the conquering of the Persian empire by Alexander the Great.

VI. Phillip II of Macedonia (44:21)

VII. Alexander the Great (2:15:05)