Saturday, September 21, 2019

Evil and Ignorance...

...often achieve the same results.

Those who knowingly speak untruths are called liars, and all liars are thieves — whether to steal your trust or what’s yours. Meanwhile, those who unknowingly speak untruths are either ignorant, self-delusional or assuaging their fears. 
We should note that the further one strays from the truth, the more unreal is their personal reality and the more libelous their nature becomes. They become more and more of a liability to themselves and to others. An example of such is demonstrated by the inability or unwillingness of some to comprehend the blanketing effect that carbon dioxide has upon infrared radiation. 
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Real World Observations of Water Vapor as a Greenhouse Gas

Have you ever noticed that deserts are often colder at night than forests, even if their average daytime temperatures are the same? Without much water vapor in the atmosphere over deserts, the infrared radiation they give off escapes readily into space. However, in more humid regions, radiation escaping from the surface is slowed down considerably by water vapor in the air. Similarly, cloudy nights tend to be warmer than clear nights because more water vapor is present so much so that citrus growers know that when a ‘severe frost warning’ is given, an influx of heavy cloud cover will save their crop. [I know, because lived surrounded by miles of citrus orchards in the Rio Grande Valley for thirty years.]

Citrus Farmers Understand Greenhouse Effect:

Global Warming: Comeasurement of Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide: