Saturday, January 26, 2019

Falun Gong aka Falun Dafa: Bringer of Hope

Falun Gong’s practices cultivate both mind and body. It brings hope and helps one to be able to distinguish between right and wrong more easily. It was this increasing morality that brought it into conflict with the Chinese Communist Party —
[“Corruption in China” post-1949 refers to the abuse of political power for private ends typically by members of the Chinese Communist Party, who hold the majority of power in the People's Republic of China.] Historically, a person cannot prosper in China without bribing (Guanxi)
those in power. Today, it is the CCP that’s in power, and even though much ‘window dressing’ ado [it is only selectively employed to bring down rivals] is given to anti-corruption laws, it will remain perpetually systemic as long as the general population continue to go along with it. This is why Falun Gong started being a source of worry for the CCP before active persecution actually began.

It was naturally raising the level of consciousness in the ordinary citizenry. It is a spiritual practice, whereas ersatz communist parties of China and Russia are atheistic and corrupt. Falun Gong gives hope. The CCP suppresses the human spirit.

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Winston, the South African expatriate who has lived in China for the past twelve years, has created an extensive retinue of video’s extolling both the virtues and the weaknesses of living in China. This has attracted some criticism from Chinese nationalists; but, in all fairness, if America’s weaknesses were exposed by a foreigner walking the streets making a video, our nationalists would troll the YouTube site as well (and saying things that were equally lowbrow and defensive).

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[Laws are ‘selectively’ enforced.]
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