Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Global Warming: A Misnomer

When we realized that global temperatures had already risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the term "global warming" seemed appropriate. Living the the moment and being dull witted, we all failed to fully comprehend that the warming trend's rate of increase would continue. Short sightedly, we failed to fully appreciate that in places that were already hot, they would get even hotter. For those living in places that were frigid, they saw advantage in becoming more temperate. And, indeed, if we suddenly stopped ever more 'enhancing the greenhouse effect ' that might have been the case. But tropical is a more apt term.

Unfortunately, however, our species as a group doesn't much brighter than a chimpanzee / and radical long term temperature increases that could have been avoided are no longer avoidable. Perhaps the term "global heating" would be more descriptive of our simian future?

Video- TEDTalk on World View-
"In what ways things are getting better"
YouTube: 19 minutes