Wednesday, August 7, 2019

George Carlin: “Climate Change” Is A Euphemism (soft talk)

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George Carlin on Soft Language”
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I think that George Carlin would’ve agreed that ‘climate change’ is a euphemism for Global Warming, which in turn, is soft talk for “planetary temperature increase caused by the blanketing effect of carbon dioxide on infrared radiation that will complete the Sixth Extinction already initiated by environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and ecological crisis that’s amplified by the overpopulation problem which we will now solve by burning every last bit of the remaining fossil fuels, even going so far as tapping into methane hydrate to make doubly sure that we completely and totally desecrate God’s Creation and then blame it on Him by saying that it was His Will.”

Sixth Extinction, Anthropocene extinction, Holocene extinction:

Human Impact on the Environment:

Environmental Degradation:

Mining Methane Hydrate:

George Carlin- “Saving the Planet”  (8 minutes):