Monday, July 1, 2019

NYC: Bellweather (has dual meaning related to climate change)

The term ‘bellweather’ has a double meaning, both of which apply to NYC (and other low elevation coastal areas) when it comes to the subject of ‘artificially induced climate change’ and ‘rising sea levels’.

The first definition is “one that takes the lead or initiative”. Indeed, after 9/11, they are very well aware of the cost of ignoring prescient warnings.

The second meaning is “an indicator or predictor of something.” What happens to them will be a predictor of many other dramatic things to come. By the time that happens, it’ll truly be way past too late.

Note: Rising sea levels and greenhouse gas levels mean something more to them than to someone living in Kansas. 

Look at the pictures below and hit ‘fast forward’ in your mind’s eye:

Global Warming Cartoon:

The Great Experiment

If mankind, known as ‘Homo sapiens’ (Latin for “wise man”) can evolve into a higher life form truly worthy of such a title and become truly humane, then we can succeed in this Great Experiment and transform our weaknesses into strengths: bondage into freedom, war into brotherhood, error into truth, chaos into discipline, selfishness to love, ignorance to wisdom, doubt to faith...

To do so will require that humanity responsibly demonstrate a worthiness to have the authority to govern the resources of this planet — and that includes all life forms and the earth, waters, air and even the life energy bestowed upon us by the sun. 

We can become the “wise man”, and in doing so will reap the everlasting benefits that will come from sacrificing our carnal desires and consistently and constantly doing what’s necessary to ensure our humanity.

“Failure is not an option.”