Sunday, May 26, 2019

Mighty I Am Presence

“Above us is our Mighty I AM Presence and Causal Body, which the Buddhists identify as the Dharmakaya and the Theosophists identify as the Buddhic vehicle. In our Causal Body is stored our good karma from all previous lifetimes, in spheres of color that correspond to the different aspects of God. This is the "treasure stored in heaven" that Jesus spoke of, under the adjudication of our Mighty I AM Presence. Those who are one with their Mighty I AM Presence in the outer world have achieved Buddhic consciousness.”

Great Central Sun
The ‘Spiritual Sun’ behind the physical sun in the center of the universe is not, as it would seem, in back of the physical sun; it is congruent with or superimposed upon it, but in another dimension.

Nameless One In The Great Central Sun: