Monday, August 5, 2019

Global Warming: Comeasurement of Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide

When one learns that carbon dioxide and water vapor are trace gases, it’s tempting to dismiss the strength of their blanketing effect on infrared radiation (heat). However, consider that if you could bring all the clouds and water vapor in the atmosphere to the surface, it would form a ‘liquid’ layer less than an inch deep, and clouds alone would create a layer no deeper than a coat of paint. If just this past year’s carbon dioxide emissions could be confined to an undiluted layer of pure CO2 at the surface of the Earth, the layer would be about 1.5 inches thick. Now, multiply that.....

Water Vapor:

Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor As Greenhouse Gases:

Past CO2 Levels:

Note: The CO2 levels of the past have been sufficient to keep the Earth from freezing completely over for the past 640 million years, which was what happened on three separate occasions when CO2 levels got too low:

Global Warming & Average Human Life Expectancy

Before modern medicine, advanced agricultural, and improved  technology came along, the human population level was not as big a threat to other life forms as now. Indeed, human mortality rates and manifestations of the four horsemen kept our numbers much more in check. The average human life expectancy was much lower than now; but, we are now approaching a time when no amount of ingenuity nor scientific advancements will keep the former level of average human life expectancy from reasserting itself. 

For the average individual, this means that the former level uncertainties of survival will resume as average global temperatures increase due to the increased blanketing effect that CO2 and other greenhouse gases have on infrared radiation. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is politics. 

Understanding Climate Change:

Doable Approaches to the “Drawdown of Carbon Dioxide”: