Saturday, December 16, 2017

Immigration: Why Not All Hispanics Are Staunch Democrats

Ten years ago, I posted the following letter from my sister-in-law chastising  our federal government in regards to illegal immigration. Read it and understand why not all Hispanics are staunch Democrats:

“I am an immigrant from Mexico. My parents brought us to this country in 1956, and when the papers were given to us, I read them and there was a clause that stated:

My parents worked hard to achieve their dreams. We were not poor in Mexico, but my mother wanted a better life for the family. We have done well and the reason for my letter is as follows:

You should stop giving the U.S. away!!!  You have pushed for seven amnesties already. Should it not stop? If you give these millions of illegal immigrants amnesty again, are we the citizens of this country ready to feed them? I say this because as soon as they come into this country they go directly to government housing because they are"homeless", get food stamps because they are "unemployed", medicaid for the same reason and so on.

I say this because I have seen it while working for a utility company where I saw people living in Reynosa, Mexico (across the Rio Grande River in south Texas) coming to town (Pharr TX) to collect the food stamps the checks from Hidalgo county to pay for the light bill, water bill, gas bill.  Not everybody that enters the country illegally comes to work, a large number come for the" freebies"  and the good old USA has a lot of that, all thanks to you Democrats. It is alright to give to the poor, but to the poor of this country not the people coming in,  especially illegally. Then they proclaim "rights" what rights do they have????

A son or daughter brings his or her parents at the ripe age of 60-62 years of age to the USA and three later when this elderly people reach the age of 65 they get SSI which is about $700.00 to $900.00 per month, food stamps, housing(section 8) and maybe the apartments are owned by the same son or daughter who receives the check from the government to pay for his parents rent?  Mexico does not offer these benefits why should the US? 

We (the utility employees) heard the elderly people born here who for one reason or another had no money at the same age that this immigrants (65 yrs of age) and the US gives them a meager $200.00 social security check. Should they not receive more than people who just walked in??

Taking the easy way out by giving in to these illegals just because they march and protest, hide in churches, and waive Mexican flags. which incidentally should be flown in Mexico not here.  Does Mexico fly American flags? NO WAY!

Stop it Mr.Kennedy!  Think about it! You are an American,  don't do what Mexico did when they allowed the Americans into Texas only to be surprised when the anglos took over. Do not let Mexicans do the same to you.

I have lost my respect for you. I am for helping others, and I do when the occasion occurs; however, rewarding the people for entering this country illegally is wrong and you know it. 
A very disappointed U. S. citizen.”