Monday, January 15, 2018

You Literally Really Do “Create Your Own Reality”

We all live in the reality that we have each created for ourselves. The Spirit is connected to and is continuously sending the Light and Love of God through the Soul into our “heart of hearts” where the manifestation of the outer self begins. As this energetic essence of God passes through the “memory body” at the Soul level, it creates the Etheric Essence that then manifests as the mind and emotional and physical outer level bodies in this world which we live in. As we live our lives, the sensory data we accumulate  and interact with interfaces with the Etheric Body generating an integrated  feedback loop that further generates our evolving personhood. The Etheric Body is our software; and the only way the evoke real change in this is for the “memory body” (our hardware) to be so impacted by our self awareness that the Soul evolves (thus altering the Etheric body).

It’s rather like an old fashioned movie projector screening. The bright white light and energy from the bulb passes through the advancing film (memory body), thus projecting a stream of images through the ether of space and time onto the projection screen. The images on the screen are the manifestations of your outer self. The viewer, you, are both one with the imagery on the screen and an observer.

To the degree that you are ‘self aware’ and meaningfully “interact” with the imagery as it is being beamed through space and time (in order to elicit change in the Memory Body). When the spool of film that is your Karmic record finishes playing out, then the show is over — unless you are granted an extension through your Spirit because you interfaced and interacted with your Memory body in a manner sufficiently productive enough to warrant  the miracle of lifestream intercession (similar to an NDE, but not as dramatic).

All of the above is better explained through the “Study of Ascended Master Teachings”. [I recommend the dictation and discourses and website of the Temple of the Presence.]

Herein, I’ve only offered a metaphoric analogy as a starting point that is similar the the Allegory of the Cave given to us by Plato. Another source of illumination is Shakespeare. This is a potential starting point for one to better continue the adventure of self discovery if your Memory Body aka Higher Mental Body has been properly ‘impressed’ by the value of your insightfulness into the roots of your character.

My apology for not being able to craft an easier explanation to understand. But, if you use it as a guide, your own inner world explanation story will manifest as you pursue your spiritual study. 

Note: I urge one to not become involved in psychism. Why? Because not only are you impacted by stimulation from the physical world, but also from the psychic plane to the degree that you open yourself to it. Be specific when you pray that you properly address the One and Only God, Jesus Christ, St. Michael, or one of the ‘bona fid’ Forces Of Light.
You should be true to thine own Holy Christ Self which emanates from God through your own Spirit. So called spiritualists or psychics are usually either too inexperienced or too enamored to be trusted. They, also, often mistake the psychic plane for the spiritual world. In other words, use good old fashioned common sense. Integrity is key. Be specific and regularly pray and decree for Archangel Michael to be with you as you love through Christ to/from God within. It is then that the insights you experience gain increased legitimacy.