Saturday, September 7, 2019

Slash-and-Char: Boost Crop Yields for Subsistence Farmers

Slash-and-Char (instead of slash-and-burn) is one of many, many ways of doing things in an improved manner that can benefit all life. To the degree that this is implemented by subsistence farmers, they can gradually reduce the amount of new tillable land that they need to clear each year — instead of slash-and-burn and then having to move on again and again and eventually coming back to the first plot and repeating the process, they can gradually lengthen the time that they can utilize a spot before it becomes depleted. Eventually, they can continuously farm just one spot and allow the other spots to be used to raise nut or fruit trees or whatever else that doesn’t require tilling. Thus, food production expands.
Note: This practice can be encouraged by international organizations that work to improve the lives of poor people, especially in the education of women.
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