Monday, May 20, 2019

Threefold Flame: Life Was Intended to be Joyful, Lighthearted, Carefree!

“...the Threefold Flame of the Heart requires your focused attention - the mastery of the Blue Plume of the Will of God; the fulfilling of the desire in the figure-eight flow of the Devotion and Love poured out to your God Presence; and lastly, the realization of Illumination’s Plume. Each Plume is a necessary part of the whole that is required and must infuse all your creative endeavors in order for true mastery to come forth for your lifestream. Without this understanding of the Threefold Flame, you, beloved, are not ready to begin to create as does God.
"Perhaps you have some understanding of what each of these three Primary Rays stand for, but have you quite realized how you may fashion your own body temple with the Vibration of these specific Rays? The Threefold Flame begins within the Secret Chamber of your Heart, sustained by the focus of your own God Presence's attention upon you. As you begin to work with each Plume, meditating on each one's Essence individually, you will begin to expand the magnitude and the outreach of the entire Threefold Flame.
"And what is meant by expanding? An open and expanded Heart Chakra does not simply pulsate aimlessly into the atmosphere. It begins to saturate the very cell structure of your body. You begin to wear your Threefold Flame as a Garment, for the cells begin to spin in like vibration, and as you begin to qualify the action of the Threefold Flame with your mind, your Christ Mind, there will radiate the Purity and the Perfection that comes forth from your Holy Christ Self.
"When you send forth the mental thoughtform of this expanding Heart Flame, focusing the Power that is within your being; holding fast the energy field that is the solar plexus; holding firmly to the visualization and reflecting it upon the Great Silence, you will then begin to discover how to modulate whichever one of the Seven Rays you are focusing through your Heart Chakra out into the world. Each one of these Seven Rays holds fast to a particular God Quality and one or all are needed in precise combination for every simple or complex creation.
"I will explain another way. When you touch the Flame upon the Altar of the Heart and commune at the level of the Great Silence within the Secret Chamber, hold fast to your visualized precipitation in your third eye. Next, provide for that thoughtform to be detailed and exacting, holding it firm and allowing for it to be nourished by the figure-eight flow of your Heart. You are then able to propel that thoughtform together with the Light Substance required for its outpicturing onto the screen of life...”