Friday, July 21, 2017

Reincarnation Humor and Quotes

If a child is either presented with the standard creation story in Genesis or else a story that says, "after millions and millions of years of mutations, extinctions, devastating diseases and violent death, God saw all that He had evolved and behold, it was good", which do you think they will prefer? Is it any wonder that there are so many creationists in the world.

Or, if you either decide to choose between the belief of one lifetime on Earth followed by a heavenly afterlife or else the belief of many successive lifetimes before attaining nirvana, which is the more expedient choice?

Reincarnation cartoons:

Reincarnation quote:

Comment: Who is more likely to provide better stewardship of the planet Earth, God's creation? Creationists or Reincarnationists?
I'm thinking that those who believe they'll have live with the consequences of poor stewardship will generally make the better caretakers.

Note: The notion that you could reincarnate into the animal kingdom from the human kingdom is a fallacy. Fundamentalists of all religions have strange notions.