Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Over Sized Pickups and SUVs: Un-American?

Over sized SUVs and pickup trucks irk me. Their behemoth size creates hazards in parking lots and on crowded roads. If you consider the 5% rule that one in twenty persons is of questionable competency, then that really adds up. My wife's friend was ran off the road by one of these "bad boys" who momentarily drifted into her lane (she's okay, but her car is not).

If you apply the five percent rule to people who drive undersized vehicles like Smart cars 'aka' mini vehicles, you are bound see them doing stupid things also. But the consequences are much less likely to be as hazardous to others.

When you consider the purchase price and fuel consumption costs of the biggest vehicles on the road and the fact that most of them (at least where I live) are used as single passenger transports, then I'd say that this is a waste of resources. True, it's their right. But when our national well being is weakened by serious trade deficits, I feel that our military expenditures on overseas ventures are being somewhat wasted on these self-indulgent behaviors of 'mama's boys' and 'daddy's girls' who likely never had to serve their country. Conspicuous "over consumption" is not in line with the conservative and patriotic ideals that I believe in.