Monday, May 7, 2018

Angel Stories

When an angel appears in your life, it’s such a sacred event that you can be reluctant to taint the experience by talking about it. 

One event in my extended family’s lives can be easily shared though because it was observed by many. 
My nephew was a passenger in a head on collision and was thrown free from the pick up truck in which he was riding. The truck flipped up and then came crashing down upon him. The imprint of the outline of the exact size and outlined shape of his body was seen where the side of the truck was caved in. When they lifted the truck off of him, he was uninjured from that (though he did have serious injuries from having gone through the windshield). He eventually recovered and does manual labor full time now, just several years later. 
[Note: When he was a kid, he wrecked his bicycle riding at full speed. Just as he would have hit the asphalt, his body suddenly briefly hovered a few inches above the ground before being gently set down. No scratches, nothing. Reminiscent of other prior indications of guardian angel activity.]

I suggest using various search parameters such as ‘angel stories’ and read more.

For those who don’t believe because they haven’t had experiences that would allow them to, I certainly understand. I, however, would suggest that they allow for the possibility of angelic encounters. 

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