Monday, September 11, 2017

Are Climate Scientists Cassandras?!

"Before Bernie Madoff got caught, before Hurricane Katrina and Fukushima devastated cities, and before ISIS formed, there was an expert for each one of those events warning people in power that it would happen. What did those powerful people do? Absolutely nothing."

"These experts are called 'Cassandras' in hindsight, because "Cassandra in Greek mythology was a woman cursed by the gods. The curse was that she could accurately see the future. It doesn’t sound so bad until you realize the second part of the curse, which was no one would ever believe her. And because she could see the future and no one was paying attention to her, she went mad." 

"So how can we graduate from sheepishly identifying Cassandras in hindsight, to recognizing and acting on their real predictions before the impending chaos hits????"
"How to Save the World from the Future Disasters Being Ignored Today"
11 minutes
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"Why People Don't Believe In Climate Science"
7  minutes

"Climate Science: What You Need To Know"
6 minutes

If Global Warming Is Real, Why Is Antarctic Ice Growing?
5 minutes

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