Thursday, August 1, 2019

CO2 Has Now Surpassed 413 ppm: What Does That Even Mean?

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, when people began burning fossil fuels on a vast scale, global temperatures have risen about 1 degree Celsius, or about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, with the warming driven by the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide, from about 280 ppm to more than 410 ppm for the first time in recorded history.

CO2 constitutes a minuscule 0.041% by volume of the atmosphere.
With this in mind, how much is that in terms that I can visualize?

Note: If just this past year’s carbon dioxide emissions could be confined to an undiluted layer of pure CO2 at the surface of the Earth, the layer would be about 1.5 inches thick. Now, multiply that.....

Note: If you could bring all the clouds and water vapor in the atmosphere to the surface, it would form a liquid layer less than an inch deep, and clouds alone would create a layer no deeper than a coat of paint.