Sunday, February 3, 2019

YouTube: Copy and Pasting — Using ‘Naomi Sexy Cyborg Wu’ as an Example

When you want to copy some of the description or comments of a YouTube video, realize that you will need to first click on that video’s ‘share’ icon. This will allow you to next hit the ‘copy link’ icon. This copies the link’s address. Now paste this into your browser’s search box. Hit search and the YouTube video comes to you in a format that allows you to copy the description, comments, etcetera.

I sometimes do this because I want to provide the video link and related pertinent information to others via my blog or email. For example, in order to encourage the kind of people in China who are honorable human beings (note my previous postings), I can copy and paste in this instance:

Channel: Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu—
“CNC Engraver Unboxing and Assembly- the SainSmart Genmitsu”
7 minutes
“Offensive Comments on my Channel!” (3 minutes)

Channel: Rebecca Watson—
“Vice vs. Sexy Cyborg: How US Journalists Nearly Ruined a Chinese Maker” (7 minutes)
Vice published a profile on Naomi Wu, aka Sexy Cyborg, against her stated wishes. It's a complicated situation, so let's go over what happened and figure out what went wrong.
Links + transcript available at

Note: If there’s a channel or video that you’d like to support, but are either  unable or unwilling to support the use of Patreon, you can at least let the advertisements play all the way through (or at least as much as you’re able). This way, even a minuscule amount of money gets back to the video producer and improves their advertising desirability.