Thursday, June 6, 2019

Free Will, Freedom, Creativity and Self-transformation

"Freedom” and "free will" can be treated as one because the two terms are commonly used as synonyms.

“...If man has not the power to create, he is not truly free. Therefore, the stream of energy that God is giving to him in ceaseless descent must needs be channeled into matrices of creative desire patterned after the divine will; but when misqualified, these energies form the links of the chain that binds him...” page 163 as shown on the printed page.
Note: Those who think to bargain with God are in violation of Cosmic Law.

"At every point of moral decision in our lives, we each have complete free choice. If not for freedom of choice, how unfair it would be of God to make demands of us - especially when reward and punishment is involved!
Judaism and Reincarnation:

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