Monday, January 18, 2016

Spirituality 101: Nurture Your Soul

In the center of your heart is a point of Light that streams forth your spiritual essence from the Heart of God. This enlivens your mental, emotional and physical being. You experience this as love --- for others, for yourself, for God's creation and for God and His Angels.

As this Light and Love emanate through your memories, thoughts, emotions and physicality, where you have misconceptions and impurities, it becomes distorted. This resistance creates negativity and pain which you experience and try to defend against. Defense mechanisms, however, don't dissolve the false images that play themselves out in your life.

Observe yourself and learn who you are without justifying or condemning. Govern your thoughts, feelings and actions with compassion for your irrationalities, negativites, hostilities, ingratitudes and weaknesses. We were all incarnated to cleanse, clarify and purify our souls. It is your soul that is your one True treasure --- so, nourish it with goodness. Allow the Light and Love from your Spirit to shine through.