Thursday, March 1, 2018

God’s Creation Is Ongoing Always

As God (the Creator) manifests in your Life (ongoing Creation), be joyous. Even in outward manifestations that are much less than perfect — be grateful. Understand that as the Spirit flows into your embodiment thru the Soul, the varying clarity and opaqueness of the soul creates strengths and weaknesses accordingly in your Etheric, mental, emotional and physical ‘bodies’. Virtue is transforming weaknesses begins by first recognizing them for what they are — shadows of the higher self (much like the shadows cast by clouds). So be aware of your misconceptions, irrationalities, negativities, hostilities, fearfulness, ingratitudes, arrogance, cruelty, anger, prejudices, etcetera that cloud your creation. 
Neither condemn nor condone yourself (or others). Do become more fully conscious of your strengths and weaknesses and observe what triggers them. Be grateful for increased clarity, integrity and truthfulness. Apologize overtly. If not possible, apologize silently (I’m sorry;  please forgive me) in the spirit of the Eleventh Commandment to “love one another”.