Sunday, November 12, 2017

You Chose What You’ve Become

When you make a choice, be it active or passive, you have ‘clicked in’ another data point. This helps to better define who you are becoming. 

It is similar to when you choose to click on an icon or make a web page selection. The search engine algorithm logs into your unique computer matrix identifier another defining element that effects the gestalt of the whole. And the whole is forever changing.

For example, when you use Google or YouTube, the algorithm possesses your unique preferences. It channels the most similar available informational options to you based upon the gestalt of your previous choices. This is done in a neutral manner — whether the options are benign or not isn’t relevant. It is all based upon your past choices ‘aka’ selections. You have created your own reality.

Choose or do not choose, it is still a choice. Choices are constantly flowing in and around and thru you. Therefore, do try to be aware of this simple fact:
You are who you chose to be.

So, close your eyes and listen. 
Really ‘listen ‘:
“Purity of Mind” (2 hour) 
Meditative Music and Soft Chanting