Monday, August 20, 2018

God Within: ‘I Am’ Presence

“Regardless of what occurs in this outer world, or what mistakes your outer self has ever made in this and previous embodiments, there remains at the level of your Presence the fully developed image of divine Identity. It is the thought of God about the Truth of you. Your Presence has conceived and continues to hold the Truth of your Reality and Identity. This image includes the Victory of your Presence as Emanuel, “God with us.” The Law of your Presence is Perfection. Your supreme opportunity is to ratify this Law of your Presence in your own freewill election, to hold on to the patterns of Perfection, and to bring them into manifestation. Your memory body must be consecrated as a temple of your Presence, wherein are to reside only sacred and holy thoughts and attention upon Perfection, becoming part of the Five Virtues of the Christ Presence. Your mind and feelings must be chalices and lenses that can be used as points of anchorage for the Light Rays from your Presence to be leveraged throughout your world. When the intensity of your Presence’s Light attaches itself to your outer world, this is where you can perform miracles!”

November 16, 2008
Monroe Julius Shearer
The Temple of The Presence

Temple of the Presence