Sunday, April 14, 2019

Re: Psychic and Astral Plane

...”thought forms of the humanly created entities that make up the astral and psychic realms”...

"Within man is the Kingdom of the mind where the elementals, responding to thought, become the form which is designed within the consciousness. Within man is also, the great emotional world which is the Kingdom of the Angels, to which they respond, amplifying every Virtue, every tiny pulsation of Hope, Purity, Peace or Kindness generated within the feeling world.
"The mind is the magnetic center for the Elemental Kingdom. The feeling world is the magnetic center for the Angelic Kingdom. Within mankind one day both shall be blended consciously and man will be master through controlled energy in the feelings coupled with definitely directed thought - that is why it is said that man is a 'bridge' between the two great kingdoms. . . . "

" . . . The great Angelic Kingdom came to your Planet Earth primarily as Protectors - as Amplifiers - of the Virtues of God - they came after the darkness had begun to gather round your Planet - to bring within Their Shining Bodies the remembrance of those God-Qualities from the Heart of the Eternal - they stand yet within the auras of men and women who are enmeshed in their own human creations and through the Power of Radiation, help them to continue to place one foot before the other moving onward and upward until the Cosmic Day dawns when more help can be given. . . . "

Beloved Archangel Michael
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   December 1953

My Comment: Mankind’s unguarded, careless, irrational, untrue thoughts from the mind miscreate psychic forms while base emotions enliven them (astral).

Note: The Buddhic Realm is between us and the Nirvanic Realm (all is pure in those 2 realms). We live in the Physical Realm. We live out our physical existence endeavoring to actualize the Virtuous Qualities of the celestial planes. To do so is challenging. Not to do so is laggardly and self destructive.