Monday, August 20, 2012

Downy Fabric Softeners: Healthy Fragrance or Asphyxiating Toxins?

Whenever someone uses Downy fabric softener sheets in their dryer upwind in our neighborhood. I can tell immediately . The chemically produced scented fragrance ingredients are designed to attach themselves to the receptors in your sinuses to create a lingering effect. They're also designed to attach for long lasting embedded effect on the clothing fibers as well. Since the product label does not include all ingredients because there are so many, I decided to look and see what my malodorous neighbors are inflicting me with (both those that I can and cannot smell). Those who use the liquid don't offend me until I get trapped in an enclosed space with them. I am not 'chemical sensitive', so I can only imagine the effects of this stuff on people who are.

It seems to me that baking soda or white vinegar would make more sense as fabric softeners.

According to the Allergy and Environmental Health Association, both liquid and dryer sheet fabric softeners are “the most toxic product produced for daily household use.”  Most of the popular brands of fabric softeners contain many neurotoxins (substances that are toxic to the brain and nervous system) and other types of toxins.

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