Tuesday, December 29, 2015

As It Was: Porter Rockwell and the Miner's Wife

My paternal grandfather (good Mormon in a long line of Mormons descended from the earliest pioneers) told me the story of how Porter Rockwell (Brigham Young's 'enforcer') was sent to 'dispose' of a Mormon miner on the eastern side of the Salt Lake Valley.  The miner had a very attractive wife and Brigham had a 'gleam in his eye' for her which had been noticed by a friend of the miner. Once the miner was made aware of this, he began spending the nights in his mine above the house with a cache of supplies.

If you're very familiar with early Mormon history, you know what he suspected.  And the proof came bright and early one morning when Porter Rockwell came riding up to the house before breakfast.  He knocked on the door. Meanwhile, the miner kept his rifle trained on him from the dark mouth of the mine.

Once Porter was informed of the miner's whereabouts, he discretely remounted and left. He realized that Brigham's designs were known and that he was an easy target.  Though the miner spent more days and nights in the mine, eventually it was safe for him to resume a normal life as word spread of Old Port's visit.

Note: After the USA federal government came in and set things straight (1858), numerous bodies of previously disappeared persons were found buried in odd locations (e.g., basements).

p.s. - I'm not anti-Mormon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pigs In A Poke: Temporary Support Employee Status of USPS, IRS, Walmart and Amazon

One of the worst kept secrets in the USA is the lousy treatment of temporary support employees by such giants as USPS, IRS, Walmart and Amazon. USPS is the worst. IRS is next to them.  There are others, but the most available information involves these. Temp agencies handle this for private companies. The USPS and IRS does their own in house hiring and firing. They, also, are the shining example of dishonesty in employment recruitment and labor relations in America. Hence, the "pig in a poke" idiom as the move towards privatization creeps forward.

All strongly hint that permanent employment is a possibility as the carrot. All promise prompt termination if over the top expectations are not consistently met. The truth is that all are working to reduce the size of their core of long term workforce. So, though hiring a survivor of the years worth of temporary employment is a possibly a good  move for the organization, the odds of this happening are minuscule.

Comment: It's time to "let the cat out of the bag". Temporary means temporary. Don't become a temporary support employee unless you are ready and willing to either quit or be fired at a moments' notice. And know that if you're fired, there are no unemployment benefits / just as there were no health coverage -- so don't be afraid to quit if management becomes insanely and irrationally demanding. You're on your own both coming and going.

Note: Management is responding to "bottom line" pressure from their bosses who don't give a rat's ass about them or the worker bees. The only ones who last in this rat race are the ones whose life choices have them boxed in and are forced to suffer the conditions.  So, be smart --- save 10% of everything you ever earn and never ever spend it until after you're retired (put it in long term CDs or something FDIC safe).