Thursday, March 22, 2018

Issues of Gun Control and Abortion: “Lightning Rod” Freudian Issues Relating to Sex and Aggression

An excerpt from article(s) from The Atlantic:
“Pro-Life Activists are very much like Gun Control Activists.... with both issues you have camps opposed on first principles. In both cases you have camps that are unable to accomplish outright bans, due to a combination of constitutional barriers and public opposition. Most regulations on abortion are arbitrary, simply meant to make the process as onerous as possible. Requiring abortion clinics to have admitting privileges is not meant to enhance patient safety. Mandatory ultrasounds, including those of the highly invasive trans-vaginal sort, are not intended to provide the doctor or the patient with important medical information. Since bans are presently not feasible, anti-abortion activists will take any restrictions they can get.
Much is the same with most gun control proposals. Proposals to ban so-called “assault weapons” are perhaps the best example of this. It is essentially the “partial birth abortion” of the gun control world.
They rely predominantly on public confusion and disgust to pass, even though they make no practical difference. But any ban, no matter how pointless or incremental, is welcomed.
Stuck in the middle all of this is the American public. People desperately want to believe that there is a way to preserve a broad 2nd Amendment right to gun ownership, while keeping the guns away from the bad people.  The two goals are almost certainly mutually exclusive, so what we end up with is a bunch of meaningless tinkering around the edges.”


My Comment: One thing that strikes me is that these two issues have one thing in common, namely that they’re described by Freudian psychology under the ‘sex and aggression’ umbrella. They, also, fall under the popular usage of the terms of the Democrats as being the mommy party and the Republicans as the daddy party. When mommy and daddy can’t agree on basic contraception and basic gun safety, maybe they need a marriage counselor. And if they refuse, then voters need to put them in a position where they have to work things out: