Monday, April 17, 2017

Meditation: Samadhi and more

There are many styles of meditation. One is exemplified as Samadhi:
Intro (9 minutes):
Movie (1 hour):
Both are preceded by Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds (4 thirty minute videos):

Meditation techniques:

* Daily Contemplation

* Breath Awareness

* Metta Meditation

* Mindfulness of the Present Moment

* Music Meditation

* Visualization

I suggest listening to the calm soothing music offerings from the above cyber-temple link to put yourself into a calm place. Or try:

Then listen to and follow a guided meditation if, like me, you need an assist. I like:
Samadhi: Breath As A Bridge.
Or try:

There are a variety of offerings on YouTube. Find those that suit you.
[Even those that just talk about meditation  be helpful. There's a large selection. A short fun one is:
(two minutes).