Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Plato's Cave and the "Mighty I Am Presence"

Plato gave us the "Allegory of the Cave":
Simplistically put, imagine a person is chained in a dark cave affixed facing the cave wall. There is a fire behind him (source of light). His form and anything else that passes in front of the fire casts a shadow on the cave wall. This is all that the prisoner has ever seen. This is his reality.

There's more to the allegory; but, let's deal with just this in the following way. If the fire is our inner 'fire' (God self) and the light passes through our Memory Body aka Akashic Etheric Body, what is manifested on the wall are the images of such contained therein, much the same as when you view pictures projected onto a screen from a film. Some elements are valid truths but others are not. The misconceptions create darkened images on the wall that create discord. Light shining through truths create ephemeral beauty that inspire goodness.

The goal becomes to dissolve misconceptions and irrationalities that create negativities, hostilities, weaknesses, ingratitudes and such that are disharmonious with spiritual and cosmic law. This will free you enough from the world of illusion (Maya) to allow you to break your self imposed chains and work your way out into the real Light.