Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Global Warming, Dinosaurs, and the 3-meter Gap

The popular belief is that an asteroid strike killed off the dinosaurs. However, if you search “3 meter gap + dinosaurs”, you’ll discover that they and many other organisms had mostly already disappeared before the Chicxulub event. The cause was a prolonged massive and extended basaltic lava flow in India that created the Deccan Traps. Called an LIP (large igneous province), this event released so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that climate change caused the dinosaurs to gradually become extinct. This means that the accumulated sediments after their disappearance lacks their remains, hence, the 3-meters that’s missing their fossils between the Age of the Dinosaurs and the asteroid strike.
Now, here we are today releasing such massive amounts of greenhouse gases that we’re beginning to experience the early signs of artificially induced climate change. 
[Search: ‘3 meter gap dinosaurs’]