Thursday, September 26, 2013

Noah's Flood Defined

Black Sea Flood

"The Legend: In the story of Noah’s Ark, the book
of Genesis says Noah lived during a time when all other people on Earth
were evil. God became angry and decided to create a giant flood to kill
everyone except Noah and his family. God told Noah to build a boat
called an ark, big enough for himself, his wife, his sons, their wives,
and at least two of every animal. Once the ark was built, God sent a
rainstorm that lasted 40 days. The deluge rose higher than the tallest
mountain. When the waters receded, Noah’s family and animals left the
ark and repopulated the Earth."

"The Evidence: In 1993,
oceanographers used sonar to survey the floor of the Black Sea—and found
evidence supporting the story after all. Submerged beneath the surface
were ancient streambeds, river-cut canyons, and shorelines.
High-resolution seismic reflection profiles showed a
former land surface buried in the seafloor sediments. Drill cores from
the seafloor contained roots of shrubs covered by marine mud..... over
7,000 years ago, the Mediterranean began to rise, breaching rocks along
the Istanbul Strait, a waterway that helps form the boundary between
Europe and Asia today. The event caused the Mediterranean to spill into
the Black Sea, triggering a catastrophic flood."

"Were early
farmers in the area forced to flee as their world disappeared
underwater? Archaeologists found the rising waters coincided with the
onset of the initial migration of farming cultures into Europe and the
floodplains of Mesopotamia. Wherever they came from, the first farmers
arrived in southern Mesopotamia shortly after the filling of the Black
Sea. Did they bring the story of a great flood that destroyed their

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