Thursday, May 16, 2019

The “I AM Presence”

The Reality of Who You Really Are

I AM Presence Portrait:

The entire portrait is you. You are an individualized “I Am That I Am” manifestation of God. The top part is your Spirit. The bottom part is your Soul.

The topmost figure is the Electronic Body standing directly in front of the Mighty I AM Presence (the Godhead, the Source, the Spiritual Sun). It is congruent with or superimposed upon it in another plane. The concentric spheres of the Causal Body (in the Nirvanic plane) are represented by concentric rings of color that are the resonance from the Presence emanating outward thru the Electronic Body. 

The Crystal Cord allows the liquid light of God’s Love to flow thru the Buddhic Realm and the Sacred Heart of the Holy Christ Presence and into your Secret Heart Chamber. This is the source of your Threefold Flame from which blossoms forth the God Rays (Qualities) which then pass thru your Memory Body (aka Etheric Body) and manifest as your mind, emotions and physical body.

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