Sunday, November 6, 2016

USA 2016 Election: Why I Voted The Way I Did

Even if the Republican presidential nominee were a sane, rational and sensible person, I still would have not voted for him. Why? Because he does not recognize the hazards of continued heavy dependence on fossil fuels. Not only is global warming induced climate change a factor, but environmental pollution and a multitude of other considerations are in play.

However, at the Congressional level, I voted against the Democrats because I'm also against further immigration. We need to secure our borders now, because as the planet gets hotter our southern neighbors are going to be forced our way more and more. 

At the state level, I went ahead and voted for the Democratic candidates because the Republican candidates aren't really against illegal immigration. Their Texan Chamber of Commerce mentality of grow, grow, grow at any cost makes any efforts to thwart illegal immigration an insincere effort and a mere dalliance. Behind closed doors, the businessmen share ways to beat ICE.