Monday, November 18, 2019

The Carbon Cycle

Only those who fail to appreciate the interplay between the greenhouse effect, the carbon cycle and our biosphere can feel complacent about our increasing use of fossil fuels for energy. 

Note: It’s more than ironic that average global temperatures are continuing to steadily increase in conjunction with rising greenhouse gas levels during a solar minimum and a time when the Milankovitch Cycles indicates we should be living in times of temperature decreases.

“Global Carbon Cycle” (10 minutes):

Carbon Cycle:

“4.6 Billion Years of Earth’s Climate History: The Role of CO2” (24 min.):
For more, search “Richard Alley”.

Global Warming vs Cooling:
Whenever the ‘Milankovitch cycle’ increases the the amount of sunlight energy striking the surface of the Earth, this causes the ‘carbon cycle’ to begin releasing more CO2 into the biosphere — which, in turn, amplifies the natural warming. When the Milankovitch cycle decreases the amount of sunlight hitting the face of the Earth, then CO2 levels gradually decrease and the ‘greenhouse effect’ is weakened. However, when large amounts of greenhouse gases are dumped into the biosphere by events such as large igneous provinces (LIPs) or the massive burning of fossil fuels by humans, then the amplification factor of the greenhouse effect is strengthened.

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Global Climate Temperature Graph (18,000 years ago to present):