Saturday, April 27, 2019

Fighting Totalitarianism from Within With Spirituality?

We are fast coming upon the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre. Over 10,000 peaceful protesters who wanted human rights protections and increased democracy were slaughtered on the spot by the Chinese Communist Party. Since then, the CCP has applied stringent measures to cover it up. Indeed, there was at least one other massacre of peaceful protesters at that time which has been largely forgotten. 
Note: 10 years later, thousands of peaceful Falun Gong members doing a peaceful protest were targeted. In total, tens of thousands of them have been ‘disappeared’ in various ways. And now, other groups are being dealt with by various means. And guess what? Our state and corporate interests are looking the other way.

“The Hidden Truth of Tiananmen Square” (8 minutes)-
China Uncensored:

“Chinese Social Media Reacts to Tiananmen Square Viral Video”
(6 minutes) China Uncensored

How China Manufactured a “Dangerous Enemy” | Falun Gong
(17 minutes) China Uncensored

Americans who have lived in China describe the Chinese as living perpetually under a dark cloud of self censorship. So then, whether you’re living in China or any other totalitarian situation, how can people resist without being targeted? Naively, I suggest that they live their lives as virtuously and harmoniously as possible (and choose your friends wisely). If you cannot speak of the truth, at least tell no lies (which is the backdoor of the self censorship). If being spiritual is a state crime, just know that God’s Angels come to those who ask them for help in honoring the Virtues and Qualities of God. And remember, there is “Justice in the Universe”.

Note: ‘Passive resistance’ as practiced by Gandhi is dangerous in totalitarian setting. Gandhi wouldn’t have succeeded with Nazi or Stalinist overlords. 

P.S.- Since the Great FireWall of China makes it extremely unlikely that anyone in China will be reading this, it behooves the rest of humanity to realize what the good citizens of China are up against in regards to their Communist Totalitarianism and its attendant corruptness.