Saturday, May 24, 2014

Assisted Living etc: Livening Up The Walls

Whether your loved one is in assisted living or a nursing home, one quick and effective way to cheer up the room is to add color to the walls by stapling pictures from calendars to the sheet rock walls. [Note: hold the stapler at an angle so that the staple goes in at an angle so that one end sticks up well above the wall surface. This makes removing the staples easy. And your pictures don't get tattered so that you can reuse them.]

I ordered calendars to supplement the free calendars I already had on hand. I only used the pictures that were the most colorful and cheery. Mountains, waterfalls, flowers, sunsets, etcetera was what my mom enjoys the most. Use what suits the personality of your loved one the most.

I tend to overlap the sheets very slightly to create a collage effect; but, sometimes keeping the pictures separated is better. It depends on your personal taste.