Monday, February 19, 2018

Earth’s Latest Ice Age Documentary (and more)...

Earth Ice Age Documentary
43 minutes
Texts of documentary:

“.....the geologists investigating America's ice age have found the evidence that the power of ice has been crucial in the creation of modern North America. Sea bugs, tiny organisms in marine mud, acted as thermometers recording the start of America's Ice Age. Moraine Hills prove that moving glaciers float far enough south to blanket two-thirds of the continent in ice. ‘Chatter marks’ (crescent-shaped indentations ) in rocks on a mountaintop in upstate New York showed that the ice sheets grew to be more than a mile in depth. And ancient coral reefs were evidence that sea levels repeatedly change throughout America's two million year long period of ice ages and interglacials. The investigation has uncovered the full picture of how ice sculpted the continent of the United States; but, that process is not yet over. As North America's ice melts, it uncovers a landscape that's been buried for thousands and sometimes millions of years. It’s living proof that planet Earth is never at rest.”

“How the Earth Was Made” is a series.
Season 1

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Note: Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels normally increase or decrease trailing along behind Milankovitch cycle induced global temperature changes as the global climate swings between glacial and interglacial periods. Very recently that has not been the case. If the Milankovitch cycle does not favor us in the future with a naturally ‘forced’ cooling trend and ‘tilts’ us towards warming, then the amplified Greenhouse Effect will make the last interglacial look like a “wet willy”.